A global approach to driving the digital economy

When we talk about the opportunities and issues with driving growth in the digital economy in Australia, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are common areas of policy at an international level and opportunities that can be gained from global participation.

Ai Group has recently released the B20 Coalition’s position paper on the Digital Economy, which Ai Group has been involved in the development of.

Because the digital economy facilitates global connectivity, it is important to keep the global context in mind when considering digital economy issues.

Some of these issues are best addressed collectively across the world, and the B20 Coalition’s position paper highlights the importance of this.

Of note, the paper discusses eight key areas that will be the focus in the B20 Coalition’s global digital agenda:

  • Safeguarding creativity and innovation;
  • Broadening the knowledge and skill horizon;
  • Building multi-tier technology systems for SMEs;
  • Facilitating investment and infrastructure;
  • Securing the digital environment;
  • Expanding the borders;
  • Addressing taxation issues; and
  • Legislating in a digital world.

Interestingly, the B20 Coalition has identified three specific areas of action as a starter: IT security, global standards and smart cities.

Is your business affected by any of these global issues? Have you considered how your business fits into a global digital economy?

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Charles is Digital Capability and Policy Lead at Ai Group, concentrating principally on policy relating to technology and digital issues. He has worked in a broad range of industries, including energy, broadcasting and telecommunications. Previously, he advised on energy policy for the Australian Energy Market Commission, and was Assistant Director of Engineering for Free TV Australia.

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