All Australia’s ambassadors are heading our way

International competitiveness is hard to quantify. It means more than simply being cheapest or even having the best product. It requires companies to be customer focused, innovative, and agile. It means that companies should have access to infrastructure and information that closes the gap between themselves and their markets.

In the current global political climate, it has never been more important for companies to stay abreast of changes to the political and economic settings in their target markets.

With this in mind, Australia’s ambassadors will meet for a Global Heads of Mission (HOM) Meeting from 28-30 March in Canberra.

It will bring together for the first time our ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general to discuss foreign, trade and development policy objectives and the global environment in which we are seeking to achieve them.

Ai Group has taken the opportunity to arrange for several HOMs to attend member events across our national network. This will give members direct access to the people who are on the ground and whose responsibility it is to observe any changes in the local environment that may impact on Australia’s economic interests. These observations usually end up locked away in Canberra and we wanted to give members access to the most up-to-date political and economic insights from markets with opportunities that match our capabilities.

With 113 HOMs to choose from, it was difficult to restrict ourselves to just nine markets. We chose the markets we did because they provide opportunities for members, they are experiencing rapid social and economic changes and it can be difficult to find non-alarmist information on these markets in the popular press.

Markets Theme Location Date

Manufacturing links

Adelaide Thursday March 30
Saudi Political changes in SaudiSaudi’s industrial strategy

Politics of region

Adelaide with VC to Melbourne and Brisbane Thursday March 30
France, Germany, Italy Advanced manufacturingDefence links

Domestic Elections



Sydney Thursday March 30
Israel Israel’s innovation agenda Melbourne Friday March 31
Sweden and Russia Mining and Volvo truck investment Brisbane Friday March 31
India Mining and water technologyIndia – Aus FTA Perth Friday March 31


We hold these events to encourage more members to consider exporting for the first time or for existing exporters to receive information that can lead to improvements to current processes. We believe very strongly that bringing companies together to listen to experts and to share war stories is essential to building a positive export culture.

If you have not received a direct invitation and would like to attend one of these events, please get in contact with Louise McGrath at

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Having joined Ai Group in 2000, Louise has managed a number of trade-related projects including trade missions, business matching and the development of export-related training programs. Since 2009 she has led Ai Group's service delivery to our smaller associations, providing governance, policy and business development support, and is Executive Officer of the Australia Saudi Business Council and the Australian Russian Dialogue.

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