Australian Government support to trial a young person before you hire

Employers are being supported with incentives to host internship placements when taking on young workers under a new method by the Australian Government to address youth unemployment. The Government’s Youth Jobs PaTH Program also supports young people through intensive pre-employment training in order to help build the skills needed to gain and retain a job.

Employers can trial a young person in an internship for between four and 12 weeks, 30-50 hours per fortnight, to see how they fit into the team, and to determine whether they are suitable for ongoing employment. The business receives an upfront payment of $1,000 per intern in recognition of the costs of hosting the internship. Additionally, the intern is covered by Australian Government insurance, through the Department of Employment. Interns are unpaid by the business but receive a fortnightly incentive of $200 on top of their income support payment from the Australian Government.

If the intern is hired by the business after the internship period, a financial incentive of up to $10,000, paid over six months, is provided to employers. In addition, a new Youth Bonus wage subsidy is available for employers who hire eligible job seekers, 15 to 24 years of age. A minimum average of 20 hours per week employment, over six months, will be a requirement for a business to qualify for the wage subsidy. Wage subsidies can be packaged with Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program payments, to further assist employers to create apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

Ai Group’s Apprentice and Training Centre can provide advice to businesses about taking on an intern under the Program. Please contact Craig Hilton, 0417 243 444, or Dean Arundell, 0418 144 181, to discuss your business’s involvement.

Click here for government information on the Youth Jobs PaTH Program

Click here to find out more about existing Australian Government wage subsidies.

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