Best & worst business buzzwords for 2015?

Every year produces a new crop of business fads and buzzwords. As the end of 2015 draws near, what have been the most annoying new or re-hashed buzzwords this year? Or the most insightful ones?

This is a bit of an informal straw poll. Simply post your favourite verbal hits and misses below. I still loathe ‘impacted’ in any business context, but I think I’m losing the war on that one!



  1. AvatarLisa Hardes

    Innovation…. OMG its almost in every piece of literature I read regarding government and finance. Seems to be a term used to generalise any concept or process to improve something but has no clear idea or actual practical information on how to do so. Its like a unicorn… everyone should get one! oh but we cant really tell you where to find one, or how to train one, or if it will even fly. but you really need one if you want to go some where

  2. AvatarSam Fitzgerald

    I worked with a colleague in a past life who loved the word “journey”.

  3. Pip FreebairnPip Freebairn


  4. AvatarTracey Pattenden

    As a mum of a year 12 student, I’m totally over hearing the word “Cohort”!


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