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Technological change is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue good ideas. The National Innovation Science Agenda, and Advance Queensland place increased focus on the need to embrace new concepts in innovation and science, and harness new sources of growth to deliver the next age of economic prosperity in Australia.

This is not simple hyperbole. The recently released Australian Innovation System Report and National Science Statement both provide compelling evidence that Businesses who innovate and embrace science and technology are more productive, resilient and agile.

Australian businesses are also experiencing unprecedented levels of technological disruption. With so much riding on new technology and service purchases, CTOs find themselves overwhelmed and eager to obtain impartial advice on how to take these crucial steps forward.

At the same time, businesses who understand the competitive advantage of obtaining access to the skills and talent of researchers and STEM graduates from our public-sector research institutions such as CSIRO and Universities find themselves confused and frustrated about how to reach the expertise they require.

As a solution, the Australian Government’s Innovation Connections program provides the missing link between businesses, technology, funding and research capability.

Where Innovation Connections differs to other government assistance programs is access to a national network of private sector Innovation Facilitators who, at no cost to an eligible business, identify technology gaps and suggest solutions or facilitate engagement with researchers in order to foster innovation.

Innovation Connections has assisted Karen Sheldon Catering and the University of Queensland to create a novel preservative from indigenous bush foods; Super Cool Asia Pacific and Griffith University to develop a new sensor to reduce food wastage; while Bottles of Australia learned why the market for their products was changing.

If you would like to learn more about how Innovation Connections could be of help to your business, a fact sheet can be found here or feel to contact to contact one of Ai Group’s Innovation Facilitators: David Martin or Mario Martini.

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David Martin is an Innovation Connections Facilitator with Ai Group. David regularly advises members on innovation and government assistance, and works to assist the business community to effectively engage and collaborate with research organisations across Australia.

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