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After seeing a recent LinkedIn comment from a South Australian business organisation promoting work for international students, I thought it timely to inform members about the new Ai Group Jobs for Grads program.

Australia has a significant youth unemployment problem (latest statistics indicate that it can take anywhere from four months to two years for a graduate to secure a role relevant to their area of study). This lack of opportunity means that many graduates are forced to continue study – growing their level of debt – or perform menial work in unrelated areas. In the case of South Australia, many leave the State in search of greater opportunity, only to find similar challenges elsewhere.

Ai Group’s Jobs for Grads program seeks to help local graduates with the right to live and work in Australia, and who have recently finished their studies, to gain valuable work experience. Many companies will only hire candidates with relevant experience, which creates a “catch 22” for many graduates (“I can’t get a job without experience; I can’t get experience without a job”).

The Graduate Employment Services program is targeted to support both graduates and businesses, with options for hosted employment in an organisation, or recruitment to a permanent position. Our pool of highly talented candidates are vetted, interviewed and matched with companies of varying sizes and requirements who may or may not have a dedicated graduate placement program, or who may lack the capacity and resources to undertake such a program even if they would like to.

In addition, the program provides a graduate mentor to accelerate their assimilation to the world of work and the time they take to become fully productive, and to help ensure they are a valuable part of a team.

All Ai Group member companies will be invited to participate in this program, creating opportunities for businesses to effectively resource projects and build a talent pipeline, whilst helping to grow employment prospects for our brightest and best. In South Australia, that means they can hone their craft right at home and grow the State’s business prospects.

If you would like to find out more about Jobs for Grads, jump on our website and register your interest. One of our Workforce Development team will happily discuss it further with you.

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Justin Boehm
Justin joined Ai Group in July 2014 as a Member Relationship Executive in our South Australian office. He started his career with numerous roles in the telecommunications sector, including being a Director in his own small business at the age of 23.
Justin Boehm

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