Looking to Ai Group’s future

The more observant among you may have noticed some recent changes to Ai Group’s ‘branding’. Just as the launch of this Blog has signified new directions for our organisation in terms of our communications with our membership, so too does our ‘new look’. The refreshed logo is an expression of the change we are currently undergoing to better respond to member needs and the challenges of digital communications.

This change runs deeper than our logo and our letterhead, and we’re looking forward to a new year of greatly enhanced service and advocacy for industry.

Below we offer a preview of the new Ai Group logo. And as always, we’d love to hear what you think.

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Graham Turner is the former Editor of Ai Group's Industry magazine, which ceased publication in 2014. He now edits (and moderates) this Blog, together with Ai Group's weekly Email newsletter.


  1. Robert McMaster

    If you change your logo we at C-Mac have to update all our letter templates and website. The change will cost members a lot of time and effort not to mention membership funds.
    Is the change necessary or is it just a change because someone thought it a good idea.We went through all this a few years back!
    I do like promoting AIG as it is a great association.

  2. Michael Weissman

    My view is that a company logo should provide observers with what is the company and what it stands for. The proposed logo of just AI Group does not say anything to those who don’t know what it is .. What is A and what is I . I am not impressed with it.


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