New data gives the big picture on VET participation

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research has for the first time released data that includes a more comprehensive picture of participation in VET following the introduction of mandatory reporting of training activity.

Previously, training providers were only required to report data on government-funded training activity. This change in data significantly lifts participation from 1.8 million to 3.9 million students – or 23.3% of working age people (15-64 years) – in some form of VET training in 2014.

This is a transition year and some providers were granted an exemption. Accordingly, even higher enrolments can be anticipated in future years.

Other key data includes:

  • 3 million enrolments at private training providers (57%) compared to 1.1 million at TAFE (27%);
  • 190,300 students enrolled at schools;
  • 185,100 enrolled at community education providers;
  • 82,800 enrolled at enterprise providers;
  • 78,000 studied VET at universities;
  • 30,900 were enrolled in overseas locations; and
  • 381,000 or 9.7% of students were undertaking apprenticeships and traineeships.

Employers mainly engage with the training system for apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements. This type of VET activity is shrinking as a proportion of the total. The VET sector together with higher education have traditionally been suppliers of new entrants to the workforce.

Do you engage with the training system to increase the skills of your workforce? What are the benefits and barriers to training as you see them? How is Ai Group best able to help you with your training? Please comment below.

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Michael Taylor is Ai Group’s National Policy and Projects Manager, Education and Training. He is responsible for a number of national projects across workplace literacy and numeracy, skills, and the management of a mature age workforce. Michael also contributes to policy formulation across a wide spectrum of education, training and skills.

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