New website on innovative ways to utilise university students

Have you considered how your company can benefit from micro-placements, online projects, ‘hackathons’, incubators and student consulting services?

These are some of the innovative ways of engaging students that have been identified through an Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) project. Ai Group has been a partner in the project funded by the Australian Technology Network of Universities. Termed ‘work integrated learning’ (WIL) by universities, the activities include:

  • Micro-placements: typically involve short periods in the workplace ranging from two to ten days;
  • Online projects or placements: involve students and industry working online;
  • Hackathons/competitions and events: events typically involve students working in teams on one-off intensive activities for and/or with industry partners or with university-based activities;
  • Incubators/start-ups: students are undertaking placements or projects in or for startup businesses or in incubators;
  • Consulting: students providing consultancy services and information to others, including other students, industry partners and community organisations;

Access a range of real examples from the new website and use this link to reach a relevant contact at your local university to organise student activities.

Also, don’t forget to utilise Ai Group’s employer guide, which is a useful resource in addressing benefits, getting started, providing tips for success and explaining legal requirements.

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