SEO: Is your website mobile-friendly?

Google mobile search updates 2015

Google has recently announced that it will change the way it ranks websites according to mobile-friendliness, with effect from 21 April 2015.

This means that websites designed only for desktop viewing may be ranked lower in a Google search using a mobile, compared to websites that have been optimised for mobile browsing, which may be ranked higher.

This change reflects the increasing global use of mobiles to access the internet, including in Australia.

For businesses that rely on the Google search engine as a source of advertising to customers or just to stay competitive, it is important to adapt to such changes in technology.

We encourage businesses to consult with their website administrators to ensure they maintain their site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and remain competitive in this new online landscape.

How important is SEO to your business? Have you considered the need to optimise your online presence for mobile browsing? Share your experiences and thoughts below.


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Charles is Digital Capability and Policy Lead at Ai Group, concentrating principally on policy relating to technology and digital issues. He has worked in a broad range of industries, including energy, broadcasting and telecommunications. Previously, he advised on energy policy for the Australian Energy Market Commission, and was Assistant Director of Engineering for Free TV Australia.

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