Tackling the Higher Apprenticeships Challenge

The release this week of a ‘Thought Leader Paper’, The Imperative of Higher Apprenticeships, has demonstrated Ai Group’s commitment to this growing area of importance. The paper addresses the rationale for the introduction of ‘Higher Apprenticeships’ and the policy implications this has for Australia. This includes a consideration of the changing nature of the economy, the increasing need for higher order skills to be delivered by apprenticeships and recent experience overseas.

There are many implications associated with the introduction of Higher Apprenticeships. In particular, the combination of qualifications from both the Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors requires significant collaboration and institutional reform. Funding parity across the sectors as well as industrial and award provisions present further challenges.

It will be increasingly important for industry to consider Higher Apprenticeships options when planning the development of their workforces.

This view on Higher Apprenticeships has been formed through Ai Group’s management of the Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeships Program currently being delivered in conjunction with Siemens Ltd and Swinburne University of Technology. This program is now supported through the release of a program description: Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeships Program. This publication outlines the background to the program, the development of new qualifications and various features of the implementation of the program.

As most of the pilot challenges have been met, this document will serve as a useful aide in the potential spread of the program both in Victoria where it is currently based, and beyond to other jurisdictions.

For further information about these new publications or the Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeships Program, contact Michael Taylor, Ai Group’s National Policy and Projects Manager – Education and Training.

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Michael Taylor is Ai Group’s National Policy and Projects Manager, Education and Training. He is responsible for a number of national projects across workplace literacy and numeracy, skills, and the management of a mature age workforce. Michael also contributes to policy formulation across a wide spectrum of education, training and skills.

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