The ‘Gig Economy’ – and why it matters to your business

The nature of the workforce is continuously evolving and a growing number of workers are increasing demand for flexible and autonomous work. The emergence of digital talent platforms linking workers and employers is the driving force behind the increasing prominence of this so-called gig economy.

Ai Group has developed a thought leader paper discussing this growing trend, and highlighting the importance, implications and benefits of the gig economy. The paper analyses the current state of Australia’s workforce, and suggests ways to harness the benefits of incorporating freelancers into the workforce.

Benefits of the gig economy include:

  • a flexible and dynamic workforce
  • wider access to talent
  • increase in productivity
  • value for smaller companies.

Industry can harness these benefits by introducing:

  • talent systems
  • freelance management systems
  • workforce restructuring
  • flexible working arrangements.

Read the full report here.

To what extent is your business becoming a part of the ‘gig economy’? Share your thoughts and experiences and start a conversation below.

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