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Your story can help us shape Government policies.

This year, once again, there is no shortage of Government inquiries on issues that are important to business.

Ai Group will continue to make submissions and representations to try to get good outcomes for our members and nothing works better than being able to bring the perspective of individual businesses and to provide real-world examples. We are seeking feedback by the end of February on two important inquiries:

  • Barriers to business start-ups, transfers and closures:
    • What barriers have you faced starting and/or ending a business, and what do you think the Government should do to reduce these barriers?
  • The Export Market Development Grants program:
    • What additional expenditure categories would you like under the EMDG program?
    • How could EMDG be easier to access?
    • And what are the appropriate criteria that should be introduced to allow you to return to claiming EMDG once your company has had eight claims? For example, entering a new market, new business owners, new industry, or five years lapsed since last claim?

Ai Group is keen to hear directly from you about your experiences, observations and any other comments on these key policy issues by the end of February in order to meet submission deadlines. You can call us directly (contact below) or email economics@aigroup.asn.au.

  • Pip Freebairn, Senior Policy Adviser, 03 9867 0261


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Pip joined Ai Group as a Senior Policy Adviser in 2013. She has broad experience covering economics and public policy, having worked as an economist for the Reserve Bank and Macquarie Bank, as a journalist at the Australian Financial Review in the Canberra Press Gallery, as well as advising a Federal Treasurer. She has a first-class honours degree in Economics and an Arts degree from UNSW.

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