What are the 25 emerging occupations in Australia?

New research released by the National Skills Commission has identified 25 emerging occupations that have evolved as the way we work changes. Heavily based around technology, these occupations have been identified by combining traditional and near real time data using data science techniques.

Some of the changes made by businesses during COVID-19 have accelerated the need for skills in these occupations, while others have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The following table lists the emerging occupations grouped within seven clusters.

Cluster Emerging Occupation
Data Analytics


Data Analysts
Data Scientists
Data Engineers
Data Architects
Pricing Analysts
Digital Deepening


Digital Marketing Analysts
Social Media Specialists
User Experience Analysts
Emerging business practices


Agile Coaches
Devops Engineers
Logistics Analysts
Health Biostatisticans
Nurse Liaisons
Respiratory Therapists
Refreshing ANZSCO


Research Assistants
Regulatory Risk Analysts
Regulatory Affairs Specialists
Energy Auditors
Compensation and Benefits Analysts
Sustainability Engineering and Trades


Solar Installers
Energy Efficiency Engineers
Wind Turbine Technicians
Hazardous Materials Labourers


The Commission’s research includes employment numbers, earnings, demographic profiles and skills in demand for the occupations. The information is intended to help ensure Australians are equipped with the right tools and skills for emerging jobs.

Is your business seeing occupations emerge that are not captured on the list above? The Ai Group Education and Policy team is keen to hear about your new occupational and skill needs. Contact Anne Younger: anne.younger@aigroup.com.au

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